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Budget Billing

Darke Rural Electric offers a budget billing program. This method gives you a convenient way to plan your budget by permitting you to level your payments each month. This is an ideal program for consumers with an all electric home and winter heating bills that are two to three times higher than your spring and summer electric bills.

The monthly budget amount is based on 12 months of consumption history. The cooperative agrees to bill the member a level amount each month based on the member's past usage history. The year will begin August 1st and end July 31st, with settlement between actual bill and level billed amount to be made at the end of the budget year.

The member must be current on their present bill in order to be considered for level billing.

The member agrees to furnish the cooperative a meter reading each month unless an automated meter has been installed.

The member must pay the level billed amount by the tenth (10th) for net payment, or the gross payment on the level billed amount will apply. FAILURE TO MAKE THE CURRENT BUDGET PAYMENT WILL AUTOMATICALLY REMOVE THE MEMBER'S ELECTRIC SERVICE ACCOUNT FROM THE BUDGET BILLING PROGRAM. Either party can cancel the budget billing agreement with a thirty day written notice.

Click here to open the Budget Billing Agreement form. You may type in the required information, print out, sign, then return to the address at the top of the page.


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